About Us:

“Shimana Periye” is a non-profitable organization of Bangladeshi community living in all over the Netherlands. While official launching at 2009, “Shimana Periye” aimed to uphold Bangladeshi culture in the Dutch-land. By the time, “Shimana Periye” was able to bring people irrespective of language, race and borders together and thereby built a platform for people akin state of mind. Making fun by singing, dancing, friendly humorous nagging, knowing the different customs from people of other parts of the world, sharing the feelings of gloomy overseas life, giving welcome reception to new arrivals in Dutch-land and remembrance those who were once with “Shimana Periye” are now the regular practices of “Shimana Periye”.

“Shimana Periye” wishes to spread their joys and emotions over the globe. “Shimana Periye” furthermore wishes their young generation to conquer and build a world without global and ethnic boundaries.